School run mum ticketed for parking car on busy roundabout and claiming she can park there

A mother on the school run has been left with a ticket after parking her car on a roundabout and then claiming she was in the right, during the busy morning rush hour.

The woman parked the car on a busy roundabout in the Billesley area of Birmingham, resulting in one of the exits being blocked.

She was caught after other angry parents and staff at the school complained to police patrol officers.

But rather than accepting she was in the wrong, the mother claimed she had every right to park on the busy roundabout.

The eagle-eyed officers were not impressed with the woman’s defense and slapped her with a ticket.

A spokesman said: “PCSO Owen and PCSO Yasin have attended Swanshurst School regarding several issues this morning.

“Please be considerate when dropping your children off to school. More fines in the post.

“Today we have been at Swanshurst School, whilst there we have come across parents badly parking their cars around the island.

“A parent was advised why parking across an island exit was wrong as they felt they could park there.”