PIA airlines has been ranked third worst airline in the world in annual airline rankings

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suffered yet another setback after a recent study placed the airliner as the third worst airliner to travel on.

The national carrier of Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has ranked 3rd worst on fifth annual airline rankings chart published earlier this month by AirHelp

In a study conducted by AirHelp, a website that helps customers recover compensation for negligence caused by Airlines, it was revealed that PIA stood at number 70 on the airline ranking list, the list consisted of 72 air passenger carriers.

The flag bearer of Pakistan has for some time failed to deliver to its passengers, common complaints include; bad food, impolite staff, endless delays and no entertainment system since the past five years, imagine an 8-hour long international flight with no entertainment system.

There are two reasons people still travel via PIA, firstly, maybe due to sheer patriotism or secondly, because its the only flight that offers a direct route with no transits from the United Kingdom to Pakistan and it saves time compared to other Middle Eastern carriers if flying from North America.

PIA was once Pakistans most premier airline but today it falls in a deficit of Rs360 billion.

Some say that the brink of PIAs collapse can be due to nepotism and incompetent management, those in power rewarded the senior management seats to their friends rather than those who were competent enough to manage the carrier.

Other than the loss, PIA also has a repute for offering appalling service, on a number of occasions they have locked passengers in the plane with no air conditioner and prolonged delays on ground, recently a video of a woman begging the airline crew to open the doors because her baby was suffocating also went viral over the internet.

One social media user commented about his experience with the airline: ‘ I traveled on PIA to Pakistan. There tv never worked the entire journey. The seats were coming apart. And this my dear, is business class.’

While another jokingly said: ‘Well at least we didn’t come last’