Mass brawl breaks out at London restaurant leaving one man ‘slashed’ and seven injured

Shocking footage showing a mass brawl breaking out before a man was ‘slashed’ in a London restaurant Yesterday morning has been posted online.

The mass brawl broke out in front of horrified families inside the Dawat restaurant on The Broadway, in Southall, yesterday morning.

In the ensuing mayhem chairs can be seen being used as weapons and people are seen punching each other.

In a second clip, a man is seen laying on the street outside the restaurant covered in blood.

The incident happened at around 11am and police were called to find a man in his 20s with a slash injury, he was taken to hospital for treatment.

Paramedics said they treated seven people for injuries with three of those rushed to hospital.

Two people were arrested by police who believe two groups were involved.

The footage was filmed by a woman who was eating inside the Dawat restaurant with her mother and sister, she recounted how the brawl became so violent that she was forced to hide in a toilet with her family and restaurant staff.

The individual who did not want to be named, said: ‘I was in there my mum and my sister for a venue booking, having a normal conversation with the staff member, then in the space of two minutes this ruckus was created.

‘It started off as a face to face argument so we thought it would be a minor dispute. Next thing, there’s chairs and plates from every table being thrown around the place.

‘Horrendous attacking like animals, smashing the glasses on each others faces, scratching and hitting, next thing you know one guy brings out a rod.

‘That’s when my heart dropped and I felt proper fear’.


She added: We hid in the toilets along with another staff member, called the police with loss of breath. I felt extreme terror. It was a nightmare to watch.’

It is not known what sparked the violent incident.

A spokesman for the police said: ‘Officers are in Southall Broadway following calls at around 11.10am to an assault in a restaurant.

‘At this early stage, we believe two groups were involved. One male (aged in his 20s) has been taken to hospital suffering a slash injury.

‘At least two people arrested.’

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: ‘We were called at 11:14am this morning (18 March) to reports of an incident on The Broadway, Southall.

‘We sent three ambulance crews to the scene and an incident response officer.

‘We treated seven people at the scene and took three of the seven to hospital.’