Khan proclaims ‘Nobody in India will ever beat me’ during a recent visit to Pakistan

Former world champion boxer Amir Khan has challenged any boxer from India to a boxing match, proclaiming ‘Nobody in India will ever beat me’. (video below)

Khan is currently touring Pakistan along with his wife Faryal Makhdoom and his father.

The British-Pakistani boxer and his wife also met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday to discuss topics including helping the poor and furthering sports in the country and declared him as a ‘great prime minister’.

But after a visit to the Wagha border, which is close to the Indian border, Khan spoke to the press and responded in broken Urdu and English to a question about a boxer from India challenging him.

Khan responded in typical Khan fashion proclaiming ‘Nobody in India will ever beat me.’

Khan added: ‘He challenged me, but he does not want to fight me. He said he will fight Amir, but when it comes down to signing the dotted line and let’s do the deal, he did nothing.’

He then went on to say: “So I’m ready. No boxer in India will beat me. I am here on the border today and nobody in India will ever beat me.

Khan wants Pakistan to produce more boxing champions. He recently launched the Super Boxing League in Karachi with fellow Brit entrepreneur Bill Dosanjh.

Khan said: “I want the best for Pakistan. Whatever I can do. That’s the reason I am starting a boxing league in Pakistan.

“So we can produce champions. And the boxing league is starting in 2019, March.”

Earlier today Khan met with fellow sporting legend and Prime Minister of Pakistan during a visit to the capital.

Khan said: “We make sure Pakistan succeeds in becoming a better place. Imran Khan is a great Prime Minister. I prayed today he will take Pakistan to a different level,” he had said.