‘We have a Jimmy Savile on our hands’ explosive leaked footage of Imam Asim meeting leaked on YouTube

As the fall-out to the ‘Imam’ Asim Hussain saga begins to settle down, a leaked audio recording of the meeting that took place between Imam Asim, Shaykh Asrar and Shaykh Saqib Shami and others has been posted on YouTube.

During the heated audio recording of the meeting which took place in Birmingham on 24 January, Shaykh Asrar blasts the once popular Imam by saying ‘We have a Jimmy Savile on our hands’ before discussing a number of other very ‘serious allegations’ made against him.

Several other alleged allegations were also put to the now former Imam on the audio recording, including him being questioned for rape by police and a separate accusation of  impregnating a girl from Birmingham before forcing her to have an abortion.

The former Imam admitted to being questioned by the police but added ‘that case has no legs to stand on’.

During his questioning by Shaykh Asrar, he was asked ‘did you send naked photos’ to an unnamed girl to which the former Imam unbelievably replied ‘she sent them too’.

At one point during an angry exchange the Imam was told to ‘go out with as many girls as you want but become a taxi driver or work in a factory but don’t take Sunni money and bang girls’ after being told there was videos of him ‘doing his thing’.

The shocking audio was leaked on Monday with the caption: ‘This audio recording is of the meeting that took place where it was decided that Imam Asim would step down from his Imamath and public life amongst other things.’

‘This video is for the interest of the public so they know more about what exactly happened and why.’

‘The words spoken in this recording are the only thing being presented. there is no third party “opinion’ just what was said through the mouths of those that were present at the meeting.’

‘The only “opinion” being presented is that the muslim community should KNOW and HEAR the reasonings and conversations that were had behind the scenes.’

‘After which a conclusion was drawn. Anything being presented is already the public domain.’

The one-time popular young and charismatic Islamic speaker and Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain has stepped down from his position as Imam of the Al-Hikam Institute, Bradford, and deleted all social media accounts since the meeting took place.

Imam Asim, who also goes by the alias IMAH, grew to become one of the most famous speakers across the UK and amassed almost 197,000 followers on Facebook, and 12,700 followers on Twitter.

Before removing his social media accounts, Mr Hussain released a public apology video on his Facebook page to his fans.

Image from apology video posted by the former Imam

In the 1 minute 30 second long video, the former Imam said: ‘Respected brothers and sisters, in light of the recent activity in relation to myself and what is out there, it is necessary that I publicly make a tauba to Allah Swt.’

‘I publicly ask Allah SWT to forgive me, I sincerely ask Allah almighty that he forgives me for my sins, be them those that I have done in public or those that I did in private.’

He goes on to say: ‘I ask those of you which I have wronged or violated their rights that they also forgive me and find a place in their heart to forgive me and pardon me for the wrongs I have done to them.’

He then tells his fans that he plans to ‘retreat’ from all duties in the public domain before adding that he intends to ‘go away and study the deen more’.

A public statement signed by Shaykh Shami and Shaykh Asrar was issued later, which read:

“An emergency meeting was conducted on Thursday 24th January, 2019 at Kanz ul Huda Headquarters (Birmingham, UK) in relation to the serious allegations made against Asim Hussain.

“The meeting was initiated and organised by Suhail Ahmed Qadri who insisted that this is a matter for the honour of Islam and must be held by reputable scholars to come to a just decision.

“This meeting was held on the condition that Asim Hussain must abide (in its totality) by the decisions made by the scholars present.’

“The meeting lasted for over two hours and was presided over by Shaykh Saqib Iqbal Shami, with other notable attendees including Shaykh Asrar Rashid, Maulana Qamran Khan, Imam Adil Shahzad, Pervez (Al-Hikam Institute, Bradford), Imran Chaudhary, Suhail Ahmed-Qadri and Asim Hussain respectively.

“After much deliberation, it was decided that Asim Hussain (Al-Hikam Institute, Bradford) will be relieved from all religious duties with immediate effect. This entails:

1) Relinquishing the position of Imam/Shaykh

2) Foregoing all Islamic talks/study circles

3) Abstaining from answering questions relating to Islam

4) Terminating all personal accounts on social media.

“In this meeting Asim Hussain, admitted to the offences and evidence presented before him and as a result the following conditions were put in place to prevent further incidents occurring:

1) Asim Hussain is to refrain from all forms of social media until permitted. He is to utilise his time in seeking knowledge and developing himself spiritually

2) He must pray his five times daily prayers. To aid in this a brother was appointed to monitor this daily and report back

3) He is to look for a spouse as a priority

4) He is to refrain from any contact with Ghayr Mahram women.

“Asim Hussain, categorically agreed to these conditions and repented for his actions.”