Tube passenger causes outrage after painting his face black for Halloween

A tube passenger has sparked outrage after painting his face black for halloween as a costume.

Halloween is for dressing up and having fun but every year certain costumes tend to emerge that can be problematic, to say the least. The ones to steer clear of are costumes that may be: racist, misogynist or just simply insensitive.

This man clearly did not follow the Halloween rule book and managed to offend a handful of people on the London underground and across the internet.

The video was captured on the central line and the man can be seen smirking as he is confronted by another passenger on the train, his video has sparked outrage for painting his face black for halloween.

One fellow passenger confronts him for being racist for painting his face black, to which he replies “why not?” denying to identify a problem with his costume.

The video was shared on social media by Petra-Isabella Jol, an Instagram model from East London, with the caption: “It’s 2018 ? How is this still happening ?”

The video has since gone viral with people forming different opinions in regards to the costume.

Some Social media user were clearly outraged by the choice of costume

“Too much ‘Twitter do ya thang’ and not enough drapesing man out of his seat and fisting him up.” said one clearly enraged Facebook user

However, others also defended his choice of costume and rendered it not racist at all.

Ben Butcher wrote on Facebook:”I dont see how this is racist.. hes just dressing up as a person that happens to be of colour. I mean what sort of world do we live in where we can’t dress up as a person of colour because its racist.. really? I mean presuming the guy didnt do it with intent to be racist then i really dont see the problem. I wouldnt care atall if a person of colour dressed up as a person who happens to be white? Whats the problem vise versa?”

Lyd Rose tweeted: “People need to stop being such wet wipes and finding any small thing to be a “huge issue”. It’s someone dressing up for Halloween? But because he’s white trying to dress up like a black person he’s racist yet nobody bats a eye over movies like white chicks?