Taxi driver drags man out of his taxi for littering and then leaves him stranded

We all have some pet peeves, but littering seems to top the charts for most of us, according to research conducted by the RSPB and Keep Britain Tidy it was found that litter is not just an eyesore but even effects peoples well being and impacts the lives of people negatively.

A taxi driver in St. Petersburg, Russia fiercely expressed his loath towards littering when he dragged his passenger out of his Taxi and left him stranded on the side of the road, footage that was captured from a car behind the Taxi shows the passenger disposing of some rubbish from the car window.

Surprisingly, the Taxi driver can be seen immediately storming out of the vehicle and heading towards the passenger seat, the driver is clearly furious due to his customers’ actions.  We then see the driver clearing the rubbish before he goes over to the passenger to finish off the business who probably wasn’t expecting the reaction he was about to witness.

The bewildered passenger is dragged out of the vehicle by the furious driver and is abruptly thrown to the ground in the middle of nowhere, whilst the “Unlitter the World” Taxi driver steps back into his vehicle and drives away.

The driver seems disconcerted as he drives off, leaving the passenger with a likely sore bum and no way to get home, but probably teaching him a valuable lesson that he should have learned as a child in kindergarten, DON’T LITTER!

Witnessing the scene unfold in the vehicle behind, the person who recorded the footage said: The taxi driver who was driving ahead of me noticed that his passenger threw rubbish on the roadside and decided to teach him a lesson. He got out of the car and threw the passenger out. This is justice.”

Social media users also cheered the driver, one user stated upon viewing the video:

Jon Draper “Not all heroes wear capes”

 Another social media user had the following to say:

Mindaugas Smuikys: Most polite cab driver I’ve seen, cares for the enviroment and apologetic to other drivers and he kept the bottle for recycling 10cents

More users praised the driver

Michelle Lafleur: I have no pity. Got thrown out just like litter.

This will likely teach the passenger a lesson for life. It is also a lesson for all of us, Don’t litter because you never know you encounter a lunatic environmentalist anti litterer who will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.