Pakistani man marries two of his cousins on the same day and at the same time

A Pakistani man has gone viral on social media after he bizarrely married two of his cousins on the same day.

Hailed a hero by his friends, the man from Multan in Pakistan, tied the knot with the two women, one who is the daughter of his aunty while the other is the daughter of his uncle.

Although it is often frowned upon, a second marriage is something which is allowed under Islamic law, but rarely does it happen on the same day.

The video footage shows the happy groom, who appears to be in his late twenties, sitting down with both his brides as they hold his arms.

He later confirms for the cameras that the women are his cousin sisters and they are pleased with the arrangement.

According to media reports both women were happy to share a husband and said they ‘had no objection to this marriage’.

The parents of the brides also said they were happy as the wedding would bring the family closer and add more trust and love to it.

Social media users were quick to react to the bizarre marriage.

One woman claimed woman do not have a choice in who they marry in Pakistan, saying: ‘Everyone has a right to marry whoever they want. But, our culture has taken out the concept of love and the right to be happy, especially for women.’

While another said: ‘The bitter truth is that women are treated as low class citizens with no equality to men in our society. In the eyes of the law, this marriage is absolutely legal and there is no abuse of rights since no rights were given to these women. We are living in the 21st century, our society still degrades women and treats them like cattle. Our media needs to show its positive role in shifting this condition instead of making it worse.’

A third person agreed with the marriage and said: ‘Well done to him, most guys who are commenting negative would jump at the opportunity of marrying two women.’