Hilarious moment a mother walks in on her daughters twerking

A hilarious moment was recorded on camera when a mother walked in on her two girls twerking in front of a camera, the mother then jokingly smacked the young ladies.

The teenagers that seem to be Spanish, are seen trying to learn a dance move that is considered to be seductive in nature.

Although the dance move is popular in America it is thought that it’s roots originate from Africa, in 2013 Miley Cirus attracted controversy when she practiced the sexually provocative dance move on stage during a concert..

In the video it can be seen the Two young ladies are attempting to perfect “the twerk” when all of a sudden they are interrupted by their rather furious mother, who walks in on them.

The mother can be seen carrying a washing basket and seems to be pretty angry at her two girls, the mother then decides to two need to be taught a lesson.

Hilarious footage that was been captured on camera, shows that after the mother storms in to their room, she then gives the two girls a few smacks.

Their mother then resorts to taking off her slipper and using it as a prop to smack them across their backside, she is also seen using her hip to push one of the girls over.

Both the young ladies can be heard screaming in shock after having their fun dance routine turned in to a dispiriting one, the video then ends whilst the mother can still be seen continuing to smack the girls.

During the whole ordeal, the mother doesn’t let go of her precious washing basket.

It is unclear where the video was captured but it can be implied that it was probably recorded in Latin America as Spanish music is playing in the back, the footage received many likes and shares and has been considered to be funny rather than serious.

Most of the viewers are praising the mother for her parenting and also her multi-tasking.

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