First confirmed victims of the Christchurch Mosque terror attack as dozens remain missing

The first victims of the horrific Christchurch Mosque terror attack have been named by family members as Haji Daoud Nabi, 71, Naeem Rashid along with his 21-year-old son Talha and Lilik Abdul Hamid.

Police have also confirmed 49 people were killed in the massacre including one child while dozens more remain missing including a three-year-old boy.

Haji Daoud Nabi came to New Zealand from Afghanistan with his two sons in 1977.

Father-of-five Haji Daoud Nabi, 71, (pictured)

After arriving, he had three more children, two sons and a daughter.

The grandfather emigrated to New Zealand as an asylum seeker and set up a new life as one of the ‘first Muslims in New Zealand’.

One of his children, Yama Nabi, said he was running 10 minutes late for a service on Friday — only to arrive and find the attack underway.

Two of his heartbroken sons turned up outside Christchurch District Court on Saturday as the alleged killer made his first appearance to share photos of their beloved father.

The second victim identified, Naeem Rashid, from Abbottabad in Pakistan, has been hailed a hero after footage from the killers live stream showed Mr Rashid attempt to tackle the gunman before being fatally wounded.

Naeem Rashid (pictured),

He was rushed to hospital following the attack but was pronounced dead a short while later.

Mr Rashid had worked in a private bank in Pakistan before moving to Christchurch where he became a teacher.

Mr Rashid’s 21-year-old son, Talha, also died during the mass shooting.

His brother, Dr Khursheed, confirmed to ARY News that Mr Rashid and nephew Talha had been killed in the terrifying attack.

Indonesia born Lilik Abdul Hamid has also been confirmed dead by a relative who wrote on Facebook ‘A friend of one struggle… has passed away in New Zealand… the victim of NZ animal terrorist’.

Lilik Abdul Hamid (pictured)

‘All Muslims are grieving and pray for you.’

Fears are also growing for a missing three-year-old Mucad Ibrahim who was last seen at the Deans Avenue Mosque with his father and brother Abdi.

Missing three-year-old Mucad Ibrahim (pictured) who was last seen at the Deans Avenue mosque with his father and brother Abdi

Christchurch Hospital’s head of surgery Greg Robertson confirmed that medical staff are continuing to provide care for 36 injured patients including a two-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy.

He said: ‘The 36 in hospital also include two children that remain within our care. Both are boys, one is aged two, and the other is aged 13,’ Mr Robertson told reporters.

‘Both are in a stable condition. As you would expect, the wounds from gunshots are often quite significant,’ he added.