Father-of-two who was billed £30,000 for his end-of-life care in hospital sadly passes away

A father-of-two who was billed more than £30,000 for his end-of-life care at a Birmingham hospital has sadly passed away.

Terminally-ill heart patient Nasar Ulllah Khan, a Pakistani national who came to the UK nine years ago and overstayed his visa, was refused a lifesaving heart transplant just before Christmas because of his immigration status.

Mr Khan had his dying wish fulfilled last month when his wife and two young sons travelled from his homeland for an emotional reunion at his bedside.

Unsteady on his feet and still connected by tubes to medical equipment, he cradles his loved ones in his arms and kisses his sons in an emotional reunion recorded by Doctors of the World.

Doctors of the World said: “Nasar’s wish has come true.

“His family has arrived from Pakistan to be with him in his last days.

“Thank you to everyone who supported Nasar and his family in this difficult period.”

News of his death comes days after his younger brother Faisal Hanif had asked doctors if his brothers operation could be funded privately.

Speaking to the media before his brother passed away, Faisal said: “It’s a very difficult time. He has not been well in the last few days and he is getting weaker and weaker, the next couple of days are going to be very, very important.

“The consultant says he is stable but anything can happen at any time, because his condition is irreversible. There’s no way back for him.

“He is being moved to the hospice in Birmingham and we don’t know what’s going to happen today or tomorrow.

“His wife has not left his side, she has been at the hospital 24 hours, and his family will be around him.”

Khan was handed his first invoice for £16,000 sparking a national outrage, days after he was told he would probably die within a month.