Christchurch massacre survivor whose wife died says he ‘forgives’ the killer and will ‘pray’ for him

Farid Ahmed, who survived the shooting in the Christchurch massacre but lost his wife, has remarkably said that he does not hate the killer and ‘forgives him’.

Mr Ahmed’s brave wife, Hosne Ahmed, was shot as she ran back into the Mosque to save Mr Ahmed, who is wheelchair bound.

But Mr Ahmed has said he holds no hate for the killer of his wife and so many of his friends because his wife would have wanted him to be forgiven.

Mr Farid told Newshub earlier: “What she did when the shooting started, she organised the ladies and children to go out, she was leading them,”

Because the pair were in separate rooms and Mr Ahmed uses a wheelchair, he was not able to flee.

“I thought I was not going to come out, and I was prepared to die. That’s why in the moment I just thought, ‘No point in panicking, I’d better be calm and ready’.”

Remarkably Husna got the women and children together and led them to safety before going back to rescue her wheel-chair bound husband.

“Then when they were in a safe place, she was coming back for me – and that is the time when she was coming towards the gate, that is the time.” Mr Ahmed said.

In a remarkable interview with the BBC (below), Mr Ahmed said: ‘I lost my wife but I don’t hate the killer’.

‘As a person I love him, but I’m sorry I cannot support what he did.’

Adding: ‘I dont have any grudge against him, I have forgiven him and I’m praying for him that God will guide him and then one day he will be a saviour.’

Bbc NewsAsiaVideo: Christchurch shooting survivor say he forgives his wife's killerFarid Ahmed survived the shooting in Christchurch, but his wife was killed by the gunman.Hosne Ahmed was shot as she ran back into the mosque to try to save her husband, who uses a wheelchair. She was 44.He says he forgives her killer and will pray for him.3h ago

Posted by John Dedman on Sunday, 17 March 2019